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FIC: All Our Times Have Come (5/5)

ix. Coming Together

“I’d like to make a toast,” Harry said. All around him, his friends and coworkers raised their glasses – including Hermione, whose was filled with sparkling cider in deference to the fact that she was about to pop any moment. “To Riley Ellison’s expression when he heard his sentence read.”

Everybody laughed. Even Severus managed a smirk.

“No, seriously, I want to make this toast to teamwork – without which this case could never have been solved.” Harry grinned at Draco, who was standing a little apart from the others.

“Hear, hear!” Ron said before knocking back his shot. The others chorused in unison.

They spent a couple more hours at the pub, an Auror favourite, celebrating the end of the Reaper trials with the classic tradition of getting smashed. Despite some of the best solicitors money could buy, not a single Reaper had gotten off. Harry’s private concern that the Wizengamot might go lightly on people who’d killed Death Eaters had been proven unfounded.

When Ron and Hermione begged off, Harry knew Severus had probably had enough social interaction for the night as well. He made the rounds of goodbyes and accompanied Severus and Draco out onto the street.

Severus was tipsy – Harry could tell from his extra-stiff posture and the exaggerated care with which he chose his words – but Draco was drunk. He was actually giggling, which was a sound Harry had never in a million years thought he’d hear coming out of Draco Malfoy, and clinging to Severus’ arm as they walked. He stumbled sideways into Harry, and when the world tilted and Harry had a hard time helping him straighten up, he realised he was a little drunk himself.

“He can’t Apparate,” Harry said to Severus. “He’ll Splish.”

“Splinchhh,” Severus corrected. His over-enunciation sent Malfoy into a gale of laughter that Harry couldn’t help joining in on. Severus glared at them.

“Yeah, whatever. Can you take him? I think I can do myself.”

Certainly.” Severus took Draco’s elbow and Disapparated.

Harry followed them, staggering when he landed on their front path. He patted himself down quickly. Satisfied that all his parts were in the right place, he trotted into the house.

“Stop stepping on my feet,” he heard Severus say.

“Stop putting your feet where I’m stepping.”

Harry entered the kitchen just in time to see Draco dissolve into a fresh round of giggles. Severus gave him an exasperated look that was so exaggerated it made Harry smile.

“Who would’ve thought that Draco Malfoy was a happy drunk?” Harry poked his side.

“I haven’t indulged that much in years.” Malfoy’s cheeks were pink, his eyes bright. “It’s just – it’s over. It’s really over.”

“Thanks to you.”

“Thanks to you.” With that, Malfoy threw his arms around Harry and kissed him.

Shock and alcohol-deadened reflexes kept Harry still. For a moment, the only thought that entered his brain was that Malfoy smelled good enough to eat.

Then reality set in. Harry unwound Malfoy’s arms from his neck and gently pushed him away. He glanced sideways at Severus, who was watching them with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Draco flushed even darker. His eyes darted between Harry and Severus like a trapped animal’s. “I don’t know why… I’m a little drunk. I’m sorry.”

Before either of them could stop him, he turned and fled the kitchen.

Harry stared after him. He had to gather his courage before he could turn to face Severus, who was as motionless as a statue. They looked at each other in silence.

At length, Severus said, “Perhaps this is a conversation we should have while sober.”


They drew their wands and cast sobering spells on themselves. Harry grimaced as the alcohol was scoured from his bloodstream and his head cleared. He could still feel Draco’s lips on his.

Even with alcohol taken out of the equation, Harry knew he would have to be the one to speak first, the one to lay his feelings on the line. “Let’s not pretend we didn’t know something like this was going to happen eventually,” he said.

Severus inclined his head. They hadn’t spoken of it until that moment, but Harry was aware of the change in Severus’ attitude towards Draco, just as he knew Severus was aware of the change in his own. It was hard not to notice your lover’s eyes following another man, especially when you had trouble keeping your eyes off said man yourself.

“I love you. I want to be with you. But… I don’t want Draco to leave.”

The seconds before Severus’ response were perhaps the most harrowing in Harry’s entire life.

“Nor do I,” Severus admitted. Some of the stiffness in his shoulders eased.

“So what are we talking about?”

“Nothing. Draco trusts us. He has suffered years of abuse at another man’s hands. For us to use him to sate our lust and curiosity would be unforgivable.”

“That’s true, and I wouldn’t even suggest it if that was all I wanted. Is that all you want?”

Severus pressed his lips together. There was something in his dark eyes that looked a lot like panic.

“It’s okay, Severus,” said Harry. “Just tell me.”

“This is… unnerving.”

“I know.” Harry closed the distance between them and took Severus’ hands. “I know what you’re feeling. You think you should feel guilty for wanting him and jealous that I want him. And maybe you do, a little, but more than anything else you want to know what it would feel like to be with him, to watch me with him, to hold him between us and take care of him the way he deserves.”

Severus’ breath grew ragged.

“I feel all those things too. It doesn’t change how much I love you. Neither would asking him to stay.”

“Draco – ”

“Wouldn’t have kissed me if that wasn’t what he wanted. If he’d been closer to you, he probably would have kissed you instead.”

“He was drunk.”

“So let’s sober him up and ask.”

Severus dropped his forehead against Harry’s. “Are you certain?”

Harry released Severus’ hands to slip his arms around his waist. He tilted his face up and kissed Severus, putting everything he felt into it, all the love and anticipation and surety. Severus responded with enthusiasm, pulling Harry tight against him.

“Yes,” Harry said when they pulled apart.

They went upstairs together. Instead of being shut as Harry expected, Draco’s bedroom door was wide open, so he had a perfect view of the suitcase lying on the bed and rapidly filling with clothes.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked from the doorway, Severus close at his shoulder.

Draco barely glanced at them. “Packing.”


“I should think that would be obvious. I’m sober now, so you don’t have to worry about me molesting you again, but it would be best if I left as soon as possible.”

“Stop,” said Severus. His tone, while not harsh, was so firm that Harry himself would have been hard-pressed to disobey it. Draco didn’t even try; he lowered his wand immediately. Without the impetus of the spell, clothes that had been flying in midair dropped to the floor in small piles.

Harry crossed the room to the bed, wishing Draco would look him in the eye instead of staring at the floor. “Do you want to leave?”

“The trials are over. I’m not in danger anymore. There’s no reason for me to stay.”

Carefully, aware that his touch might seem intrusive, Harry lifted Draco’s chin with two fingers. He searched Draco’s face, noting embarrassment, unhappiness, and a healthy dose of confusion – but no fear. Harry leaned forward and pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss.

He felt Draco’s indrawn breath more than he heard it. Harry pulled back a bit after that simple brush of lips to judge its effect. Draco stared at him, face wiped clean of every emotion save astonishment.

Encouraged, Harry kissed him again, moving his hand from Draco’s chin to cup his jaw while the other settled on Draco’s hip. He let his lips move this time, sliding across Draco’s in a soft, clinging caress. There was a soft thump that was the sound of Draco’s wand dropping to the mattress, and then Draco’s hands were on Harry’s arms and he was kissing him back.

Harry dragged his tongue over Draco’s lower lip. Draco opened his mouth at the unspoken request and Harry pushed inside, tasting what was left of the gin Draco had been drinking at the pub and an intriguing sweetness underneath it that was all Draco.

Not having kissed anyone but Severus in years, Harry had almost forgotten that there were ways of kissing other than his lover’s fierce, assertive style. Draco was a tease. He would flick his tongue into Harry’s mouth or nibble on his lip like he was about to deepen the kiss and then suddenly withdraw, forcing Harry to pursue him if he wanted it to continue. It triggered aggressive impulses Harry hadn’t even known he possessed. He had to struggle with himself to keep the kiss as slow as he’d originally intended it.

When he could feel his self-control about to snap, Harry broke the kiss. He rubbed his thumb over Draco’s cheekbone and then took a step back, breathing deeply to try to ease the ache of his swollen cock. It was so hard he was surprised it hadn’t broken the zip on his denims.

Draco blinked. His cheeks were tinged pink, and Harry was pretty sure it wasn’t because he was embarrassed anymore. “I don’t understand,” he started to say, but trailed off when Severus, who had moved to stand beside them, took his hand and urged him to turn around.

Harry watched while they simply looked at each other, the air between them so charged that his own skin prickled. Would he feel jealous when they kissed? Would he try to pull them apart?

Severus slid his free hand into Draco’s hair, eyes intent on his face. Draco swayed like he might pass out. When their mouths finally met, the gasp Draco made was that of a man receiving something he’d longed for his entire life. It ripped through Harry with such power that he gasped a little himself and sat down hard on the bed.

If Harry had found Draco’s kisses maddening, he knew they would drive Severus insane. Sure enough, after only a few seconds, Severus crushed Draco against his body and bent him backwards as he devoured his mouth. Draco wrapped his arms around Severus’ neck and let himself be ravished.

There was in fact a moment where Harry felt a twinge of unease watching Severus kiss a man other than himself, but it couldn’t hold up against the strong surge of lust that followed. Severus and Draco were beautiful together. They looked… right. Years of repressed desire were being given free reign, and Harry couldn’t help but be affected by that.

It wasn’t long before they had to come up for air, both breathing raggedly. Draco looked like he’d taken a hard blow to the head.

“We want you to stay,” Harry said, in case that hadn’t become clear.

“I – I don’t want to come between you.”

“Perhaps we want you between us.”

Severus’ voice had the same effect on Draco that it had on Harry. Draco’s eyelids fluttered before he said, “You know that’s not what I meant.”

Harry held out a hand. Draco moved towards him and took it, letting himself be pulled down to sit on the side of the bed.

“I know it’s… unconventional, but Severus and I talked about it and neither of us wants you to leave. We’ve liked having you here. We think it could get even better.”

Severus sat on Draco’s other side and kissed his shoulder. “You belong here. With us.”

The truth of that statement bolstered Harry’s confidence in their decision. Draco did belong with them. Harry loved Severus and their relationship was strong, but like any relationship, there were cracks in it where their personalities conflicted and they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Draco filled in those cracks; he rounded them out. Even as a houseguest, he’d made their relationship stronger by smoothing the areas of friction between them – by giving Harry someone to fuss over without impatient accusations of coddling, by giving Severus someone he could talk to about potions and spellcraft who didn’t return his more cerebral ideas with a blank look. Now that he knew what that was like, Harry couldn’t imagine going without it.

He squeezed Draco’s hand to let him know he agreed. Draco’s teeth dug into his lower lip, and then he nodded.

Harry kissed him, giving free reign to the passion he’d held back before. Draco’s moan was caught between them as Harry pushed him up against Severus and tried to get as much of that intriguing new taste as he could. He didn’t pause until he felt Draco’s hands on the clasps of his robes.

“Wait, wait.” Harry backed off and caught Draco’s hands with his own. He almost lost his resolve at the sight of Severus nuzzling Draco’s neck with his arms wrapped around Draco’s waist, but held firm. “We don’t have to rush into anything.”

“Hmmm?” Draco said dazedly. He tilted his head to the side so Severus would have better access to his neck.


It was a moment before Severus lifted his head, lips wet from the attention he’d been lavishing on Draco’s lily-white skin.

Harry gave him a reproachful look before saying, “I’m sure Severus will agree when I say that we don’t want to put any pressure on you. I mean, if you’re not ready for this sort of thing again yet.”

“What sort of – you mean sex?”

“After everything you went through with Corner…”

Draco snorted. “I’m ready. I’m more than ready.”

As if to prove his point, he started unfastening his own robes. Severus met Harry’s eyes over his shoulder, and Harry was reassured to see understanding in them. No matter how strong he was, Draco couldn’t have recovered from years of sexual abuse in two months. If they did something that hurt or frightened him, he might not say anything because he’d trained himself not to. They would have to be particularly careful about watching his reactions.

With that silent agreement in place, Harry decided to stop worrying and just enjoy. He shrugged off his robes. Draco turned his face to the side to kiss Severus, and the way his body twisted as he did so made it suddenly imperative for Harry to see his bare skin. He unbuttoned Draco’s shirt.

God, Draco was beautiful – all lean, sleek muscle and that soft pale skin that drove Harry mad with the need to mark it. There was a pink flush spreading from his neck to his chest. Harry ran his hands up Draco’s sides to meet it, stopping on the way to pinch and tug on his nipples.

Draco groaned and tore his mouth away from Severus’ to pant for breath. Harry rolled his nipples a little harder between his thumb and forefinger; Draco keened, pushing his chest up for more. Severus grabbed the back of Harry’s head and yanked him forward into a brief yet ferocious kiss that left Harry dizzy.

“Oh, gods,” said Draco. “You look…”

Severus released Harry and swiped his thumb roughly over Harry’s lower lip. He bit it, watching the heat flare in Severus’ eyes. It matched the fever Harry could feel rising inside himself.

Before he did something embarrassing like come in his trousers, Harry slid off the side of the bed and knelt on the floor so he could remove Draco’s shoes and socks. Above him, he heard Draco’s muffled moans as Severus claimed his mouth once more.

Even Draco’s feet were perfect. Harry skimmed his hands over the high arches and elegant toes, up beneath the cuffs of Draco’s trousers to caress his ankles. His cock throbbed. He needed to see the rest.

Harry was back on the bed and reaching for Draco’s belt before he realised how unwise it would be to strip Draco down while he and Severus remained fully dressed. It would imply a power dynamic that they wanted to avoid and might make Draco uncomfortable. Instead, Harry stripped off his own shirt and kicked off his trainers.

Draco’s suitcase was still on the bed. Harry nudged it with his foot until it fell off the edge.

“Potter! That suitcase is expens–”

He cut himself off when he saw that Harry was shirtless, eyes roaming over Harry’s chest and arms with a hunger that was quite flattering. His lips were swollen – Severus had been biting them. The thought made Harry’s cock jerk in his trousers, demanding freedom from its confinement.

“Severus, take your clothes off.”

Though Severus raised an eyebrow at the command, he didn’t argue. He stood and began working on the dozens of buttons lining his robe.

Since it would take Severus a few minutes to shed all of his fussy layers, Harry tugged Draco to kneel in the centre of the bed with him. They kissed, exploring each other’s bodies, mapping out muscle and bone and the places that made each other shiver. Then Draco dropped a hand between them to rub Harry’s cock, and in a matter of seconds, they both had their trousers and pants shoved down to mid-thigh while they frotted against each other.

Harry gathered up Draco’s arse with both hands and squeezed – which, if he was being honest, he’d wanted to do since he’d seen it at that fundraiser two months ago. It felt just as incredible as it looked, firm and so fucking round that Harry’s fingers reflexively dug in and kneaded the taut muscles.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Draco asked, breathless.

Harry’s body answered for him when his hands tightened on Draco’s arse and pulled their hips together. Draco made a noise that was part laugh and part moan.

Severus was the only man Harry had ever slept with, and he hated to bottom. He sometimes offered when he could tell Harry wanted it, but his discomfort and lack of pleasure were so obvious that Harry couldn’t go through with it. The upshot was that Harry hadn’t fucked anybody in years, and he’d never fucked a man at all. Just the prospect of being inside Draco had his heart racing like he was already there.

“Are you – are you sure –”

Draco stroked Harry’s cock from root to tip. “Very sure.”

Harry turned to look at Severus, who was standing next to the bed wearing nothing but trousers and a heated expression. “Yes,” he said before Harry could even open his mouth.

“There’s one condition,” said Draco. “You have to take those trousers off, Severus.”

With a smirk, Severus unfastened his black wool trousers and pushed them down far enough for his cock to spring free. Draco sucked in a breath, eyes riveted to the long, thick shaft that was an angry red and rigid with need.

“Oh,” he said softly. “Oh.”

Harry was glad he wasn’t the only one affected that way by Severus’ cock.

Severus stripped his trousers off the rest of the way. Draco crawled towards the edge of the bed. Harry thought he was going to kiss Severus, and his eyes widened when instead, Draco leaned forward and swallowed Severus’ cock without preamble. Severus let out a shocked gasp and put his hands on Draco’s head.

Never in his life had Harry see anyone go for a cock like that. Draco wasn’t even struggling; he deepthroated Severus like he’d been born for just that purpose, his hungry little noises making Harry break into a sweat. Severus’ eyes had fallen shut, and he had to spread his legs wider to brace himself while Draco went to town on him. Harry rid himself of the rest of his clothes without looking away.

Far too soon, Severus tugged Draco’s hair to pull him off. Harry had to give his balls a brutal squeeze at the whine of protest Draco made.

“Later,” Severus said, his voice hoarse. He got on the bed and moved to sit against the headboard, then held a hand out to Draco. “Come here.”

Draco let Severus arrange him so that he was sitting between Severus’ legs, his back pressed to Severus’ chest. Thinking he had a good idea of what Severus intended, Harry knelt in front of them. Draco lifted his lower body to let Harry slide his trousers and pants down his legs and toss them aside.

Severus grabbed the back of Draco’s knees and pulled his legs apart, splaying them over his own thighs, spreading Draco wide open and putting his stunning body on display. Draco dropped his head back on Severus’ shoulder. Severus kissed his temple before looking at Harry.

“You will prepare him thoroughly,” he said.

Harry nodded. Lube, they needed lube… his wand was on the floor. Impatient, Harry held out his hand and concentrated, and within a few seconds, the jar of salve that he and Severus kept in their bedroom smacked into his palm.

He set the jar aside and moved closer between Draco and Severus’ legs. Severus was running his hands up and down Draco’s body, but his eyes were only for Harry; his breath was short. He was always turned on when Harry performed wandless magic.

Harry took a moment to kiss Severus, deep and wet and a little sloppy. He liked the way Draco felt between them – like they were sharing something precious, something that would bring them closer together.

He pressed a kiss to Draco’s open, panting mouth, then kissed his way down his neck and over his prominent collarbone. Draco’s breathing kicked up a notch when Harry paused to lick and suck his nipples; that would have to be explored in depth later. Right now, Harry had one destination in mind.

He continued down Draco’s flat, hard stomach and the sweet indentation of his navel, down to kiss around the base of his cock, then to gently mouth his balls. Draco wouldn’t stay still. His body rolled and arched with every touch of Harry’s lips, and when Harry flattened himself against the bed and pressed a kiss against his hole, he let out a loud cry.

This was one thing Severus had no problem letting Harry do to him, so Harry’d had plenty of practice. He flicked his tongue rapidly over Draco’s hole until the muscle relaxed a little, then pushed inside. He alternated deep thrusts of his tongue with shallow, teasing licks, and every now and then pulled back a little to seal his mouth over Draco’s hole and suck eagerly.

Draco let out a constant stream of babble, mostly curses and rambling praise interspersed with low moans. Having such a vocal partner was a shock to Harry’s system after years of Severus’ near-silence. He was trying not to rub his cock against the bed too much, but some of the things Draco said were incredibly filthy and he couldn’t help it.

He had to fuck Draco soon or he’d embarrass himself. Harry lifted his head and pushed himself up on his knees, wiping his hand over his mouth and chin. Draco’s skin was glowing pink with arousal, and even Severus’ cheeks were flushed. Harry wondered how he was controlling himself with his cock pressed up against Draco’s squirming body.

He fumbled the lid off the jar of lube and slicked up his fingers. Carefully, the way he’d done with Severus, he pushed the tip of one inside Draco’s hole.

Draco shoved himself down on Harry’s finger with a long, drawn-out groan. Taken aback by the reaction, Harry slowly moved it in and out.

“Potter, no, don’t tease me, I can’t stand it – ”

Harry let his hand move faster. Draco lifted his arms behind his head to put them around Severus’ neck and turned to demand a kiss. Severus gave it to him, hands stroking Draco’s chest and stomach and hips with firm caresses.

Draco’s cock was right in front of Harry’s face, bobbing with every move of his hips, and Harry couldn’t resist. He took the head in his mouth and suckled, groaning at the taste, before sliding further down. Making sure to keep his finger moving, he sucked Draco’s cock with a slow, steady rhythm.

When he pushed a second finger inside, Draco tugged on his hair. “Stop.”

Harry immediately pulled off and withdrew his fingers. Draco made a frustrated noise.

“No, don’t take them out, just stop using your mouth. I’m too close.”

“Really?” Harry said, feeling inordinately proud.


“So responsive,” Severus whispered against his neck. His fingers traced gentle circles around Draco’s nipples. “You’re a little hedonist.”

“Mmm.” Draco put his hands on top of Severus’, urging him to a rougher touch, and lifted his hips in a clear command for Harry to get back to work.

This time, Harry watched Draco’s face while he fingered him. Draco kept his eyes closed, and he had a tendency to bite his lip right before he moaned, as if he’d tried to hold it back but just couldn’t. He had several bite marks on his neck already; Severus couldn’t keep his mouth off it.

Harry sought out Draco’s prostate. It didn’t do much for Severus, but Harry always enjoyed it when Severus did it to him, so maybe –

Draco cried out, body arching off of Severus’ chest. Fascinated, Harry put a little more pressure on his prostate. Draco’s hips writhed.

When Harry would have added a third finger, Draco reached down and pushed his hand away. “That’s enough. I want to really feel it.”

“Fuck,” Severus muttered, and Harry had to close his eyes to better ride the wave of lust that threatened to push him over the edge.

“Draco, you have to stop saying things like that or this is going to be over before it starts.”

“Things like what?” Draco said with mock innocence. “Like if you don’t put your cock in me soon, I’m going to just throw you down and sit on it?”

Severus bit the nape of Draco’s neck. Such a domineering move would have only fueled Harry’s own aggression, but Draco melted underneath it with a sigh of pleasure. Severus licked the spot with a broad swipe of his tongue and said, “Patience.”

He moved aside, letting Draco stretch out on his back. Draco kept his legs spread and beckoned for Harry to lie between them. Harry tossed his glasses onto the bedside table before lowering himself over Draco’s body.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He braced his hands on either side of Draco’s shoulders.

Draco ran a hand through Harry’s hair, and there it was – that same softness in his eyes that he got when Harry called him by his first name. “Yes.”

Harry slicked his cock with the rest of the lube on his hand and then positioned himself at Draco’s entrance. Part of him was still expecting Draco to tense up like Severus, but Draco remained relaxed, eyes alight with anticipation. Harry pushed the head of his cock inside.

Tight. Oh God, it was so tight, there was no way he wasn’t hurting Draco. Harry froze.

“Potter,” said Draco, shifting his hips anxiously. “Oh, for Merlin’s sake.” He grabbed Harry’s arse and pulled his hips forward at the same time that he shoved his own hips up. Harry’s cock was sheathed inside him with one thrust.

“Fuck!” Harry’s arms shook so badly he was worried he might collapse on top of Draco. The muscles around his cock were snug and scorching hot. “How can this not be hurting you?”

“I like the stretch. Please move. Please.”

There was no uncertainty on Draco’s face, just arousal and impatience. Harry started rocking his hips. Even that small movement made his blood boil in his veins.

Draco wrapped his legs around Harry’s waist and ran his hands up Harry’s arms to his shoulders. “You don’t have to be so careful. I promise I’ll tell you if it’s too much.”

Harry lowered his head to give Draco a quick kiss before letting his body take over and do what came naturally. He fucked Draco with a steady, rolling rhythm – not too fast, but not slowly enough to be accused of teasing. Draco squeezed his shoulders in approval.

Harry loved it when Severus fucked him, but he couldn’t deny that he’d missed this, the sensation of sliding in and out of a hot, wet hole that gripped and clung to him. Draco moved with him, his soft moans and gasps of yes and more reassuring Harry that he hadn’t lost his touch.

Thinking about what he liked best when he was on the receiving end, Harry shifted his angle to one he hoped would stimulate Draco’s prostate. Draco threw his head back and let out the sluttiest, most arousing noise Harry had ever heard, a sort of broken, wailing moan that wouldn’t have been out of place in pornography except that it was completely genuine.

Severus groaned.

Harry’s head snapped towards him. Severus was stroking himself while he watched them, just fast enough to titillate without any danger of bringing himself off. Harry would have thought he’d imagined the sound – he’d certainly never heard anything like it from Severus before – if it hadn’t been for the intense carnal hunger on Severus’ face.

Severus had been staring at the place where Harry and Draco’s bodies were joined, but when he became aware of Harry’s attention, he moved to his side. “Your technique is excellent,” he said in a voice thick with passion. “Look at his face.”

Draco’s expression was one of total abandonment. His eyes were closed, head tossing back and forth, and his chest heaved as he struggled for breath.

Severus’ hand travelled down Harry’s back. Harry moaned when one of Severus’ slick fingers slid inside him.

“You’re giving him exactly what he needs, Harry. Don’t stop.”

There was no chance of that. Between the finger grazing his prostate and the tight arse squeezing his cock, Harry wouldn’t have been able to stop moving if his life depended on it.

“Draco, open your eyes.”

Draco’s eyelashes fluttered. Though he opened his eyes only halfway, it was enough to see that the black of his pupils had overwhelmed the grey of his irises.

“Is Harry pleasing you?”

Draco’s reply was incoherent.

“Do you want more?”

Draco nodded eagerly, eyes falling shut again.

Severus pushed a second finger into Harry, sending a shiver of pleasure up his spine. “Sit back on your heels. Hold his legs open.”

Harry moved back up onto his knees. Severus didn’t withdraw his fingers, and the change in position pushed them even deeper. Harry panted as he took hold of Draco’s legs behind the knees and spread them apart, Draco’s arse balanced on his thighs.

“Short, shallow thrusts. Good. Faster.”

It was a position guaranteed to relentlessly work Draco’s prostate, but Harry didn’t think even Severus expected the strength of Draco’s reaction. He screamed, back bowing violently, hands fisting in the bedsheet, and his legs shook under Harry’s hands.

Severus’ breath gusted hot against the back of Harry’s neck. He plunged his fingers in and out of Harry’s arse in time with Harry’s thrusts into Draco’s body. Draco’s hips moved frantically, meeting Harry stroke for stroke.

“Yes, yes, Harry, give it to me, fuck me – ”

The sound of his name on Draco’s lips was like a shot of pure adrenaline.

“You heard him,” Severus said. He pressed himself up against Harry, cock slipping in the sweat on Harry’s back. “Fuck him. Show him how much you desire him.”

Harry’s hips pistoned faster. He was sure he was bruising Draco’s knees, but if Draco didn’t care, then neither did he. He was helpless against the arousal that was quickly ramping up to the point where nothing would hold back his orgasm.

Draco grabbed his own cock and pumped it, hand flying so fast it was a blur. He didn’t slow down even when come shot out, jetting over his chest and splashing as far as his chin. His arse clamped down on Harry’s shaft and rippled around it while he sobbed through his climax.

Harry dropped Draco’s legs to the mattress and fell forward over his body, thrusting deep now that he was free to seek his own release. Severus followed him, fingers prodding his prostate without mercy. A moment later, Draco’s muscles started to clench and massage him in a rhythm that Harry knew had become deliberate.

Milked inside and out, Harry had reached the absolute limits of his stamina. He came with a blinding ferocity he’d experienced few times in his life. His orgasm went on forever, Severus’ fingers ensuring that he filled Draco with every last drop of come he possessed, and his vision darkened at the edges as he collapsed.


Draco thought his heartbeat might never settle back into its normal pattern. It pounded against his ribcage with a force that would have been frightening if he hadn’t been drunk on orgasmic bliss.

He’d thought sex with Michael had been good, but it was nothing compared to what he’d just experienced. Draco had forgotten what it was like to have sex with a partner – partners – who respected him. Though Potter’s caution had been frustrating, it had also turned Draco on like crazy. Even Severus’ aggression hadn’t felt threatening. Every firm touch, every kiss, every bite had been administered with the sole aim of bringing Draco pleasure. They weren’t trying to humiliate him. They weren’t trying to make him feel weak. All they wanted was to please him, and that in turn made Draco delirious with the need to please them.

Draco made himself open his eyes. The first thing he saw was Severus, kneeling an arm’s length away from him and Potter and wanking himself furiously.

It would be a travesty to force an incredible cock like that to achieve relief through a handjob alone. Draco pushed gently at Potter’s shoulders.

Michael would have ignored Draco and stayed on top of and inside him until he was good and ready to move, but Potter rolled off to the side right away, kissing Draco’s cheek with a whispered apology. A slow curl of arousal in his abdomen told Draco that this night was far from over.

First things first. He crawled to Severus and grabbed his hand, pulling it away from his cock. “Don’t.”

Severus allowed the interference, watching Draco silently with searing dark eyes. His cock was mouth-watering, thick enough to make Draco squirm in anticipation and so hard that it lay flat against Severus’ stomach. It gleamed with the lube that he had been using to ease the way.

Draco remembered how delicious it had been to have that whole thing down his throat and wanted to swallow it again, but there was another need that was even more pressing, something he’d fantasised about since Hogwarts. He pressed a worshipful kiss to the head of Severus’ cock, then turned and lowered himself to his elbows and knees. He spread his thighs as far apart as he could get them and arched his back, lifting his arse in invitation.

Severus sucked in a sharp breath. “Draco, no. You’ve already had your pleasure.”

Draco almost laughed at the absurdity of that statement. “I can come again. If you fuck me, I can definitely come again.”

Severus’ hand came to rest on Draco’s arse, pulling one cheek aside. His thumb rubbed over Draco’s hole.

“You’re full of Harry’s come,” he said, sounding anything but displeased.

To their left, Potter let out a muffled groan. Draco looked over his shoulder at Severus. “I want to be full of yours, too.”

He did. The thought of being sloppy with both men’s seed had his sleepy cock stirring with interest.

Severus’ thumb pushed inside him. Draco wriggled his hips to show him how much he liked that.

“Please, I’ve wanted it for so long,” he said. “Please.”

“Do it, Severus.” Potter was lying on his side facing them; he’d put his glasses back on. “I want to watch.”

“Demanding brats.” Severus put his other hand on Draco’s arse as well and pulled the cheeks further apart, exposing him. Draco’s hole twitched with need.

Severus’ exhalation sounded very much like a growl. Suddenly the head of his huge cock was pressing into Draco, opening him up, and then he was giving Draco every glorious inch in one smooth slide. Draco moaned at the satisfying fullness.

Severus didn’t try to take it slow like Potter had, falling immediately into a good hard rhythm, but Draco could still feel him holding back. His fingers were tense on Draco’s hips. His thrusts were too measured, too controlled. His body vibrated with the strain of keeping himself in check.

Draco undulated his body, wanting to make Severus lose that restraint. “Severus, just let go. Take me.”

“Don’t… don’t ask me that,” Severus rasped.

“Please. Whatever you want to give me, I can take it. Don’t hold back.”

Begging obviously wasn’t going to do the trick. On Severus’ next thrust, Draco squeezed his arse hard around Severus’ cock. Then he did it again. And again.

Severus’ hands clamped down and he yanked Draco back against him even as his hips slammed against Draco’s arse hard enough to make him gasp. He didn’t let up, pumping his cock into Draco with swift, savage thrusts, using his grip on Draco’s hips as leverage to get even deeper. His balls slapped rapidly against the underside of Draco’s arse.

Draco’s cock rose between his legs. He pushed his face into the bed, hands clawing at the sheets. Every time Severus slammed inside, it knocked the breath out of him and dragged a cry of delight from his throat. His rim was stretched wide to accommodate Severus’ shaft; the pleasure of the friction was unbelievable. Severus wasn’t making any special attempt to hit his prostate, but every incidental bang against it sent shudders rolling through Draco’s body.

“Oh my God, Severus.” There was a rustling noise as Potter drew nearer to them. “You’ve never been this rough with me.”

Severus could barely speak through his exertions. “You – would not – enjoy it.”

“Probably not. But it’s fucking hot to watch.”

Draco felt Potter’s fingers in his hair. He couldn’t quite manage to open his eyes, but he turned his face to the side and hummed his appreciation of the gentle touch to his blazing cheeks.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Draco moaned and kissed the fingers that trailed over his lips. Potter’s hand slid over Draco’s neck and up his back as he moved towards Severus, whose pace faltered a little. They were kissing; Draco could hear the intoxicating wet sounds of it. He took the brief respite as an opportunity to catch his breath.

When Potter and Severus parted, Severus’ thrusts became even more vigorous than before. Draco’s pleasure was multiplied exponentially as Potter reached beneath him and started jerking his cock with a brisk milking motion.

“He’s already close again,” Potter told Severus.

“Wait,” said Severus. “Like this.”

He stopped thrusting, hips flush against Draco’ arse, and wrapped an arm around Draco’s waist, hauling him backwards to straddle his thighs while he knelt on the bed. Draco shrieked as Severus’ cock pushed even deeper up inside him – because Severus was so big, he was now touching places inside Draco that had never been breached before.

“Nngh, Severus, please…” Draco ground his hips in little circles, rocking back and forth. He braced his hands on Severus’ knees.

Severus put his hands on Draco’s hips again and urged him to move up and down, fucking himself on Severus’ cock. Then he started thrusting up as well, driving into Draco just as hard and fast as before. Draco threw his head back in mindless pleasure as he rode the rough fucking.

Potter pressed up against his front and resumed stroking Draco’s cock. Severus messily kissed the side of Draco’s neck; his breathing was laboured. Draco could feel Potter’s renewed erection on the inside of his thigh. With just a slight change in angle, that cock could slide under Draco’s balls, nudge at the hole that Severus was currently making excellent use of. A little work, a little effort, and Potter could be inside him too.

Draco wanted it so badly that his stomach muscles clenched. He was shocked by how arousing he found the possibility when just the idea of it had used to terrify him. Gods, he wanted to know what it was like to have both Potter and Severus inside him, stretching him to his absolute limit, making love to him at the same time. Imagining it already had him right at the brink.

“Potter, make me come,” he pleaded.

Maddeningly, Potter’s hand slowed down. “You called me Harry before.”

“Merlin, fine, Harry, make me come, I can’t – ”

Severus was really pounding him now. Draco’s entire body shook as the pleasure wound tighter and tighter inside him; he could no longer hold himself up. Potter – Harry – fuck, Draco didn’t care what his name was – had to use his other arm to support him while he wanked Draco.

A few seconds was all it took. Draco wailed, muscles seizing up and jerking powerfully, and came all over Harry’s fist.

“Draco, fuck, fuck – ” Severus let out a single low grunt, shoving himself in balls-deep. Draco’s arse was flooded with pulse after pulse of hot come.

Draco sagged in their arms, exhausted, satisfied, and now quite sore. He was as limp as a rag doll as they lifted him off Severus’ cock and helped him lay down on his side. Severus spooned up behind him and Harry embraced him from the front, throwing one leg over both Draco and Severus’ hips. His hard cock poked Draco in the stomach.

Out of habit, Draco reached down. Harry caught his hand and kissed it.

“I can wait until you two recover,” he said. “I want to fuck you while Severus fucks me.”

Draco was too spent for his cock to react, but he moaned quietly so Harry would know he was on board with that plan. Severus’ arm stretched across his body to caress Harry’s face.

“Are you all right?” he asked Draco.

“Mmm-hmm.” Draco was more than all right. He arched his body a little so he could feel the deep ache in his arse. They would have to heal it before they fucked again, but until then, it was a pleasant reminder of how much both men had desired him.

Harry burrowed his head in Draco’s neck so that Severus could more easily stroke his hair. Their bodies were warm and hard on either side of Draco, enclosing him, shielding him. Draco closed his eyes, feeling something he hadn’t since his parents’ death, perhaps not even since before the Dark Lord’s return.


x. Severus

Many hours later, when the jar of lube was nearly empty and the air was heavy with the scent of sex and sweat, Severus listened as the breaths of his two young lovers evened out into sleep.

He couldn’t join them, not yet. Severus disentangled himself from Harry and Draco, put on his trousers, and retrieved his wand from where it had fallen next to the bed. He slipped out of the room without turning on a light.

Starting on the ground floor, Severus moved methodically from room to room, double-checking the wards and the locks on all the doors and windows as he had every night since he’d been attacked by Reapers two months earlier. He’d long since repaired the chink in the wards that had allowed them to sneak through and surprise him in his workroom, but his mind would not rest easy until he saw for himself that the protections on his home were intact.

Severus absently rubbed at the ache in his left arm. The woman had slashed at him with her knife, aiming for his elbow, and had caught him across the Dark Mark instead. A small patch of skin there refused to heal.

All three Reapers were dead now, their remains banished to the bottom of the sea. Harry would never know; it was best that way.

Severus finished his sweep of the second floor and came to stand in the doorway of Draco’s bedroom, watching Harry and Draco wrapped around each other in sleep. He was paralysed by a familiar sense of self-doubt. That a man like himself should have one young, beautiful lover was implausible enough; to have two was stretching the limits of believability. They would realise the absurdity of it in time. Severus should leave now, before they left him.

He shook his head sharply to dispel his fears, holding in his mind the memories of both men gasping and moaning beneath his touch, their sweet words of pleasure and honest desire. No, he would remain with them as long as they wanted him, and he wouldn’t fail either of them again.

He undressed and returned to bed. Draco purred sleepily at his touch and shifted towards him; Harry’s arm, which was draped across Draco’s body, searched through the covers until it found Severus’ hand. He allowed himself to close his eyes.

Severus had spent the last twenty years of his life protecting the two men beside him. He wasn’t going to stop now.

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So amazing, beautiful plot, incredible description. Best snape/draco/harry fic I've read in a long time.

Thank you so much! This fic was a real labor of love for me, so it's great to hear that. :-)

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Thank you! I've always thought Draco would be perfect for forensics, and it was really fun to think about how magical forensics might work. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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Thank you, that's so sweet! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I put so much of myself into this story that it's amazing to see how well people are responding to it. :D

Oh my god. Amazing.

This fic had me glued to my laptop-it was so exciting and suspenseful! It frustrated me (Michael, that damn bastard!), made me blush (as all your fics do), made me sick (those sick murderers), and completely captivated me.

I normally only read bottom!draco, but your fics always make me eat my words--the threesome made me melt! This is definitely going on my rec list. Fantastic job, as always! *^_^*

Thank you so much! It's my goal in life to make readers blush, LOL. In all seriousness, though, I'm really glad to hear how much you enjoyed it. This story is like my baby! Thanks again. :-)

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Thank you! Bottom!Draco is my passion, haha. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you very much! It's so fantastic to hear that; I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :-)

I love this story! I cringed at the snarry at first, sorry I'm stuck in my ways. I loved the plot and the twist! I never saw it coming, I had believed that Micheal had some bint on the side so it was a total shock. I loved how it all played out and my heart clenched when I though Snape would leave at the end, I would have screamed if he actually left so I'm happy he didn't. I hope you're doing more stories soon!

Haha, the Snarry was a new one for me, too! I'm glad you enjoyed the story (and of course Snape was never going to leave, I love my OT3 too much!). Thank you so much for reading!

PS: I do have a few other stories coming out soon, though none of them are Snarco at the moment. :-)

I absolutely adore everything you've written so far, this is no exception. I have to admit, I started reading this fic with the cursor hovering on the close tab. The snarry still squicked me a bit and I've never been much of an ot3 person but it was easy to overlook because the sex scenes were just an extension of their relationships rather than the sole part of it. It's hard to find something with that balance since fics are either very plotty or just pwps. The plot was fantastic. Right when I thought I figured it out, I was only right to an extent. The twists were very clever and I loved the little details such as Draco's procedure to unearth the signatures and his thought process to the actual descriptions of the signatures themselves. It didn't feel like reading over 40k words and I'm rambling too much haha.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you kept reading despite the squicks - I've actually never written pure Snarry before, so that was a bit of a challenge even for me to write! LOL. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story. :D

Just read this fic yesterday (saw it on Bottom!Draco) and I loved it!!! It's probably gonna be one of my favorites fic <3 But now you put me in the mood for Snape/Draco/Harry and it's so hard to find - specially with the assurance of complete Bottom!Draco!! *looksangry* :D Kidding, you did a great job!

Haha, thank you! I've written a few other Snape/Draco/Harry fics if you're interested - they're under the OT3 tag in my journal, and they're all 100% guaranteed bottom!Draco. ;-)

You're a great writer. Normally I wouldn't have read this - since I'm a HD fanatic. But this is... this is... effingly hot...
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By the way, is there any chance of a sequel for 'the cause and the solution'? I love it so much and didn't want it to end.

Edited at 2012-01-24 11:06 am (UTC)

Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun writing this story. *kicks Michael with you*

I'm sorry to say that I have no plans for a sequel to The Cause and the Solution, but I am glad to hear how much you liked it! :-)

I don't comment very often, but I would just like to say that you are one of my favorite writers in fandom, and I've greatly enjoyed your stories. My internet stopped working for a couple of hours while I was between parts, which was quite annoying! I finally got to finish it a few moments ago, thankfully. I wasn't expecting Corner to have connections to the Reapers, which was quite a jaw-drop moment. Poor Draco! I especially love the last line, it's just a great summary of not only the relationship between him and his "boys", but of Severus himself.

Anyway, I just wanted to show my appreciation, and look forward to reading more from you.

Oh, thank you so much! That's so, so nice of you to say, and I'm very flattered to hear it. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story! You'll see plenty more from me in the future. :D

Dear gypsyflame,

Please write forever.

Love, me.


Oh, thank you! ♥ Don't worry, I'll be writing fanfic on my deathbed. ;-)


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